CCTV digital recorders are an integral security measure in today’s society – and they are evolving all the time. Not only is CCTV paramount for assisting law enforcement identifying and capturing law breakers, they protect corporate and residential property. CCTV security has distinct advantages over manned security, none the least because CCTV can offer a panoramic view of premises simultaneously.

The Increasing Storage Space

Recent CCTV security systems have benefitted from increased storage capacity. Smarter ways have been found to reduce frame rate displays which lengthens the amount of time that footage can be recorded and stored. When considering storage resolution there are many factors to be considered. From live feeds to audio recognition increased storage space only enhances the quality of the digital recording. Data can be easily compressed onto disks for save storage. The most common disk compression is the MPEG-4 as it has the capability of compressing high-resolution imagery.

The Advancement of Compression

Technological advancement doesn’t halt, though there is a common obstacle that must be overcome. Compressing imagery and sound may distort and dilute the quality of the resolution. There are continual advancements being made in this area. The capacity to compress imagery and sound, with superlative resolution only increase.

The Upgrades of Hardware

CCTV digital video recorders are becoming increasingly advanced. Today, the hardware used is almost identical to that of office PC’s. Thermal management capabilities are becoming increasingly prevalent also. This factor is essential as thermal management allows recorders to remain cool despite being stored in poorly ventilated or warm areas.

Back-Up, Concurrent Recording and RAID Systems

Recording devices using RAID systems with features such as the ability to store images from more than one location with ease have grown in popularity. Additional RAID recorders used to write multiple disks have similarly grown in popularity. The benefit of such systems is that should data become lost it can be filled from partial data from other sources.

Data can also now be stored on removable disks. This benefits law enforcement greatly who need to store images safely, especially those imagery that poses a security risk. If such data falls into the wrong hands it can be used for the wrong intent, manipulated or altered to suit illicit purposes.

As you can see the CCTV digital video recorders have evolved exponentially over recent times. Who knows what the future of the industry may hold, what is for sure is that the technology will evolve.