CCTV Police are increasingly reliant on closed circuit television footage. Should nobody bear witness to a crime, closed circuit television’s recordings could make the difference between identifying and catching the perpetrator, or the crime being lost as just another statistic of unsolved crime.

No matter if you believe that CCTV protects us, or if you’re of the opinion that it serves as an intrusive obstacle in societies fight for privacy, you cannot deny that it is a very effective crime fighting tool. Criminals are furtive. They operate in the shadows, under cover of darkness, or in places where they cannot be identified. CCTV gives them no place to hide, and for this reason, is an effective deterrent too.

Here are three unforgettable crimes that we solved thanks to CCTV.

The James Bulger Case

In one of the most notorious and heinous crimes ever committed in the UK, The James Bulger Case has earned its position in criminology lore for a number of reasons. On the 12th February 2003 two boys took a small child. The whole incident was captured on CCTV, and as such the perpetrators were eventually brought to justice.

This is a profoundly good example of how, despite the fact that CCTV cameras cannot detect the intent of an individual, they do offer a true reflection of events. A criminal can hardly deny being in a particular place at a certain time if they have been recorded there.

The Columbine High School Massacre

Over a decade has passed and the legacy of one of the most shocking and distressing crimes in the United States is still ever-present. On the 20th April 1999 two high school students casually strolled into their school and opened fire with semi-automatic weapons.

Much of the incident was caught by CCTV cameras. Though the motive of this horrifying crime will never be truly known, the two individuals whom perpetrated the act have been identified. CCTV ootage, along with eye witness statements, played a key role in ascertained exactly what happened on the fateful day.

The 2005 London Bombing

Over the last decade there has hardly been a more momentous day for Londoners than 7th July 2005. It was on this day that two extremist terrorists decided to detonate a bomb that crippled the transport system in London.

Thanks to CCTV, and security camera footage, the bombers were identified and arrested. Despite the continuing campaign by certain individuals to remove CCTV cameras in public places for civil rights purposes, it’s obvious that without the CCTV footage these bombers would still be free to roam the streets and a danger to us all.