According to recent statistics car insurance premiums have increased by as much as 30% since 2011. For those drivers of between the ages of 17-22 insurance premiums have increased by a gargantuan 47%. That’s a frightening statistic. This sharp increase means that many just cannot afford to drive.

One of the principal reasons for such a substantial increase is the rise in fraudulent claims. As amazing as it may seem some drivers have illegally staged crashes to claim fraudulent insurance payouts. This drives up insurance premiums for everyone on the road.

To combat this fraudulent behaviour new technology has been developed to protect honest and law abiding drivers. Small cameras, known as in car camera systems, are fitted to vehicle windscreens, recording the road ahead, the rear of the vehicle, and all action inside the vehicle itself. These cameras provide integral information should you be involved in an accident. The innovation of these vehicle camera systems allow them to even record the vehicle speed, GPS location and G forces. As an added bonus, such in car systems can be purchased for as little as £190.

Should you be unfortunately involved in an accident these in car cameras will provide vital information about the circumstances surrounding the crash. Such information can be submitted to your insurance company and speed up processing any claim.

Drivers that have been caught out in cash for crash scams suffer more severe losses. Drivers are often end up incurring direct insurance losses, and can lose their no claims. Once the time comes to renew their policy, those that have committed this crime are at risk of paying higher insurance premiums, and may not be able to get insurance cover in the future.

Insurance companies have been aware of vehicle camera systems for over a decade, yet it has only been of late that such systems have become readily available. With the obvious benefits they offer, and their potential to lower the cost of your insurance, the clear benefits offered should be taken advantage of by all road users.