CCTV Installations Derbyshire

Here at Nortec Visual, we know that CCTV is a very powerful tool for our residents or Derbyshire, when fighting against crime and criminal activity. Based in Derbyshire, our CCTV Systems can provide visual evidence against anti-social behaviour, burglary, theft and vandalism.

Some benefits of our CCTV Installation Systems;

  • CCTV help to deter thieves
  • Able to view remote locations
  • Monitor premises from a control room
  • Able to provide CCTV evidence to police

Videofied Systems Derbyshire

Based in Derbyshire, you’ll be pleased to know that we offer Videofied which is an event based alarm system with integrated video camera which are only on during an alarm event for a 10 second video. Here are some of the benefits of using our service.

  • Reduction of installation costs
  • Cam reaction time is less than 5 milliseconds
  • Monitor detects intruder and sends 10 seconds clip

If you are based in Derbyshire, please feel free to contact us today.