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Our intelligent event-driven CCTV solution connects cameras and detectors on site to a dedicated Remote Video Response Centre. Therefore if your premises are empty for any period of the day, remote monitoring would be a cost effective solution. Nortec offer a very competitive rate for this service and you don’t have to be an existing client to benefit from it.

Features and Benefits of Remote Monitoring

  • Live Intervention – Incidents are visually verified by fully trained security personnel to ensure the correct action is taken. Our SSAIB registered central station is ISO9000 and BS8418 accredited.
  • Stops Crime – Immediate deterrent to intruders before any damage is done.
  • Economical – A remotely monitored system can control out of hours access to your site at a fraction of the cost of employing manned guards or security patrols. Can also reduce insurance premiums.
  • Delivers 24 Hour Protection – 7 days a week, 365 days a year independent remote site protection. Never late for work. Impervious to threats, coercion or collusion.
  • Prevents False Alarms – With traditional unmonitored alarms, if the system alerts the emergency services where there is no intruder/fire, they can ultimately refuse future call out to incidents.
  • Customised Solutions – Using additional equipment, remote building management is possible, with the central station being able to open gates and barriers, switch on lighting and monitor internal intruder alarms and building management systems.
  • Offers Peace of Mind – Provides an effective link to your emergency security service provider, allowing prompt response to any confirmed activations.

Remote Monitoring Systems for businesses in Manchester, Leeds & Liverpool, Yorkshire, Cheshire, Derbyshire.

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