Videofied is a totally wireless solution that isn’t like traditional surveillance. Videofied Image 1

This system is an EVENT BASED Wireless Alarm System with Integrated Video Cameras are ONLY on during an alarm event for a 10 sec
video (it’s all thats needed!) It’s completely battery operated so no holes, no wires, no power supply, no phone line, and no waiting. It uses GPRS (sim card) to report to the Central Monitoring Station

The major benefits of using this system are.

Significant reduction of installation costs (no wires and all battery operated). False alarms are dramatically reduced compared to traditional systems.

Wireless control panel & peripherals

Camera Reaction time is less than 5 milliseconds so nothing will be missed. Motion Viewer detects intruder and sends 10 second clip of
intrusion over RF to panel. The panel then transmits alarm/video over GPRS network or PSTN to Central Station and option to forward as
email attachment to alert list.

Videofied Image 2Videofied is the only solution that can offer wireless protection for both indoor and outdoor spaces, and transmit video of intruder’s day or night with built in IR illumination. CCTV cameras can show you what happened to your property yesterday; however, Videofied can bring police to your property within minutes. Nortec Visual Management Systems​ is proud to be one of the exclusive dealers for an outstanding product called Videofied.

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